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Traditional African Bwiti Immersion Retreat in the Jungles of Costa Rica

Become in possession of yourself. Connect with a plant teacher in a traditional setting and move beyond any emotions, addictions or past traumas that may be holding you back


Become yourself, take what is yours, generate your freedom
Iboga is a powerful plant medicine from Gabon Africa that can help you to understand your inner psyche. It is a powerful ancient plant that can be utilized in explorations of the self or to repair aspects of yourself that you are struggling with.
This plant can be used as a tool to free yourself from all your repetitive thought patterns which can manifest as emotional conditions such as depression or anxiety, trauma or addiction. If you have already tried to help yourself and are still suffering in your life, this plant will be your key to a new start. Using Iboga as the tool you can rewire neural pathways in your mind, enabling you to finally think in new positive ways and discard habits, addiction and negative emotional states.


This retreat includes the following:
2 traditional Bwiti Iboga Healing Experiences
Pre/Post Iboga Support calls
Counseling and talk therapy
5 days, 4 nights accommodation
3x Private and 2x Shared twin rooms assigned on first come basis and dependent on numbers attending
Vegetarian meals prepared with local, organic ingredients that are ethically obtained from within the southern pacific zone. We can cater for any additional dietary needs.
Airport/hotel pickup service will be available on the first and last days of the retreat
Transport to and from San Jose International Airport (SJO)


Makonza - Bwiti Nganga

Muirri (Mueyi), Edicka, Moumency, Mudaki, ​Nzegho (Black Panther) (BWITI Canada)

Becoming a Nganga in Bwiti involves extensive training and integrating with Spirit. I have been fortunate enough to have been allowed to participate in and achieve certain initiations and to host Spirit within.
The ego would tell you that you are the healer. The reality, however, is that Spirit is the healer, the Shaman, while the Nganga is simply the host. The Nganga serves Spirit.
Our job is to ensure the safety of our guests. We learn to step out of the way of Spirit so that it can heal the individual. We are servants of God; we do as we are told and create sacred space for guests so that they can heal and connect with Spirit
Spirit saved my life; I will always be grateful and honoured to work alongside It. It has been an absolute privilege to watch people change their lives

The Sacred Wood

Le Boise Sacré

Some have claimed Iboga is a dangerous substance, but nothing could be further from the truth. That being said, there is a proper way to ingest Iboga, and the importance of ceremony and tradition cannot be understated. The journey of Iboga must be undertaken with a trained Nganga. That is where we come in
True healing begins within. You are Spirit; you are your own Healer. Iboga will show you the way. Looking to self-proclaimed “shamans” will not fix your situation; in fact, this often makes things worse.
Iboga is a Spirit of truth. It acts as your mirror. It will cleanse you, heal you, an save you from yourself and your racing mind. Iboga will ask you to face your inner demons and hold you accountable for your future actions.

What Is Nganga?

The Nganga being a man of God must know and embody Bwiti, meaning he lives without the need to control. He relinquishes to the divine connection to God entirely. He does not live outside of the self in material image. He does not live in ego or material gratification that seeks accolade, approval, or affirmation from others to justify his position of self. His seat is in the self and only through this sovereignty can he be the voice of spirit, the letting go of that which is, this is the protection we experience with Nganga. Nganga achieves attachment to Spirits through rites and initiations. These Spirits he embodies, he becomes more of the self through these connections and these subsequent connections bring protection and spiritual accuracy to those healing.

The Nganga

The Nganga cannot turn away from truth of self, connection to God, and the servitude to God. The Nganga is and always will be a servant to God. Through and by this devotion to service the Nganga lives his life as Bwiti, as Nzegho, Black Panther. Healing occurs through the Ngangas discipline to be without control, to be out of the way of the soul and its purposeful intent. To be able to be free of mind on demand and with mind when needed and called. This is his work. A life's commitment to the service of God is reflected in the work upon and through self. Nganga cares little for his perceived self. For the perceptions of others. He does not blur lines and through this others heal with his personhood.

What to Bring

Following is a list of things you might want to bring with you to the retreat:

A journal - pre and post work is essential
Reusable water bottle.
Head torch - short power outages are frequent in Costa Rica
Comfortable clothes.
Natural sun protection
Natural bug spray - although mosquitoes are not common at our retreat centre there do come on certain nights.
Toiletries - we do not supply single use toiletries at our retreat centre.

What to Bring

Retreat Location

Our Retreat Centre is located in the southern zone of Costa Rica, we have the most magnificent views of the pacific ocean visible from all parts of the property. We have 180 degree ocean views. This vista brings a great sense of peace and calm to people. Being above the ocean but also in cool mountain air, we are ionized here.
The center is quiet and as a result we have regular animal visitors to the property. Everyday we see hummingbirds, Sloths, toucans, tolomuco, pezote, agouti, white faced capuchins, eagles and a wealth of frogs, amphibians, birds and lizards.
Our retreat centre has a purpose built yoga deck overlooking the ocean, a pool where you can sit and watch the capuchins in the tree above or listen to toucans while watching the sunset.

Retreat Location

Intake Questionnaire

Medical guidelines and additional Information

Making a change in your life for the better is such an important and exciting step and we look forward to helping you on your path. Each participant must fill out a questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and what you are looking to achieve with the Iboga Spirit.
Please ensure you disclose all information about your current and past medical history, honestly and openly. It will aid us greatly in your treatment. All your information will remain confidential.
This is not a form to dissuade you from treatment so please be honest about all your medication/drugs/conditions so we can give you the best advice.

Eco Practices

We source all locally grown organic produce from local farms. Our kitchen is vegetarian and our food is nutrient rich, Our water comes forth from a spring on our mountain range and is full of minerals.

Opening Times and Prices

This retreat will run for 5 days and 4 nights on the following dates in Costa Rica.
7th to 11th Mar 2022
14th to 18th Mar 2022
7th to 11th Nov 2022
14th to 18th Nov 2022
5th to 9th Dec 2022
12th to 16th Dec 2022
Arrival is at 3-5pm on the first day of the retreat. We will send a vehicle to pick up all guests from San Jose on that day.

Directions and Travel

We are located in the beautiful lush subtropical jungle zone of Costa Rica. International travellers should book a flight to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. Travel time is 2.5hrs (130km) hours south of San Jose. We will provide an airport shuttle for guests attending this retreat.
If you prefer to self drive there is plenty of parking available at our retreat centre. A 4wd is recommended when renting a car in Costa Rica.

Retreat Features and Activities

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