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Traditional Bwiti Healing Retreat in the Jungles of Costa Rica

Become in possession of yourself. Connect with a plant teacher in a traditional setting and move beyond any emotions, addictions or past traumas that may be holding you back


Become yourself, take what is yours, generate your freedom.
Iboga is a powerful plant medicine from Gabon Africa that can help you to understand your inner psyche. It is a powerful ancient plant that can be utilized in explorations of the self or to repair aspects of yourself that you are struggling with.
This plant can be used as a tool to free yourself from all your repetitive thought patterns which can manifest as emotional conditions such as depression or anxiety, trauma or addiction. If you have already tried to help yourself and are still suffering in your life, this plant will be your key to a new start. Using Iboga as the tool you can rewire neural pathways in your mind, enabling you to finally think in new positive ways and discard habits, addiction and negative emotional states


This retreat includes the following:​
Intro to the spirit of Iboga
Two Iboga Ceremonies: 1 pre initiation, 1 psycho- spiritual journey. (medically supervised)
Traditional Bwiti Spiritual Shower/ Cleansing.
Fire talk ceremony.
Integration/ Counseling
Pre/Post Iboga Support calls.
Accommodations (1 to 2 people per room).
Organic meals that accommodate most diets. We make sure to replenish your body after each Iboga Ceremony.
Yoga sessions.
Spiritual River Shower
Transport to and from San Jose International Airport (SJO)

We provide Psycho-Spiritual Integration to all our members during and after your stay with us. During our weekly sessions, you will learn tools to support your healing journey.


What is Iboga

Iboga is the «Grandfather and Queen Mother» of all medicinal plants.

In Gabon, Iboga is known as the tree of life and knowledge. It is a plant medicine that works on all levels: mental, physical, and spiritual healing
It is a powerful detoxifier and it resets the mind and the body on a cellular level.
Highly successful with spiritual healing, this medicine awakens the soul by often facilitating visions which enable the member to clear trauma, and get rid of anything that is holding them back from living a life of joy and find life’s purpose.
After each ceremony, there is a processing day which enables you to work through the data you were given during the ceremony. During this period, the neural pathways in your mind are open to change and new possibilities so it is important for you to concentrate and focus on what you want to create in your life

What to Expect

It is best not to have any expectations before coming to an Iboga Retreat

It is important to understand that the plant medicine iboga is very different from other plant medicine retreats. It is focused on deep healing and not ‘tripping’.
The first Iboga ceremony is focused on cleansing and purifying your physical body and mind to prepare you for the next stages of your spiritual healing journey. It is a POWERFUL detoxing tool.
One reasonable expectation is that you may go through a strong physical and emotional purge with vomiting but not always. Some people have unrealistically high expectations of their first ceremonies. They expect to see breathtaking visions, which at this early stage is rare but can happen.

Spiritual Work

Iboga is a tool, you need to do the work!

The sacred plant medicine ceremonies involve deep spiritual work, so it is natural to have some trepidation and anxiety, however, our providers/healers will be with you every step of the way to help make you as comfortable as possible during and after this process. Iboga is a master plant teacher that works to align your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual discovery. It also has the power to open your mind to new ideas, clarify questions or internal struggles you may have, and heal your body and psyche.

Retreat Venue

We have the most magnificent views of the pacific ocean visible from all parts of the property. We have 180 degree ocean views. This vista brings a great sense of peace and calm to people, Being above the ocean but also in cool mountain air, we are ionized here.

The center is quiet and as a result we have regular animal visitors to the property. Everyday we see hummingbirds, Sloths, toucans, tolomuco, pezote, agouti, white faced capuchins, eagles & a wealth of frogs, amphibians, birds and lizards.

Our retreat centre has a purpose built yoga deck overlooking the ocean, a pool where you can sit and watch the capuchins in the tree above or listen to toucans while watching the sunset.

Retreat Venue

Retreat Location

We are located in the beautiful lush subtropical jungle zone of Costa Rica.
We are centrally located near the conscious community of Dominical, Manuel Antonio National Park, Eco Thermales Hot Springs, Nauyaca waterfall, Marino Ballena national park and whales tale to name a few of the beautiful locations nearby.

Retreat Location

Diana Jaramillo

Iboga Provider / Medicine Woman / Healer

Bwiti Initiated and completed with the first rite of passage

Born and raised in Ecuador -South America, Diana since a young age was involved in Ancestral Traditional healing Ceremonies and helping people. She Grew up close to a Shaman In Quito, by 12 she assisted many Healing plant medicine ceremonies by playing music, chanting, and helping with the spiritual work and preparation. After Studying Pre-Medicine, She enrolled in a Traditional Chinese Medicine School to learn more about other ancestral traditions, plants, herbs, and other healing modalities. She is the former founder of Pradna Medical Spa in Ecuador and Orlando.

Carol Jaramillo

Iboga Provider / Medicine Woman / Healer

Bwiti Initiated and completed with the first rite of passage
Carol was born in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. She is Diana´s sister. Moving to the United States where the culture was different she lost her connection with mother earth and herself, and though she was successful, she also became depressed.
She had a clear vision that she was to go to Africa to discover the Iboga root. And so she did. She trained extensively for months in Gabon Africa, going to many ceremonies, completing her first right of passage and first initiation. She was blessed by the Grand Spirits and Ancestors to become a healer & medicine woman.
Carol´s mission is to help people to connect to their souls, so they can be free of fears and find happiness and abundance in life.

What to Bring

Things you might want to bring with you to the retreat:

A journal - pre and post work is essential
Reusable water bottle.
Head torch - short power outages are frequent in Costa Rica
Comfortable clothes.
Natural sun protection
Natural bug spray
Natural Toiletries

For the Spiritual Shower:
Please bring old undergarments you can leave behind. This is a traditional ritual where the removal and burning of your physical layers is symbolic of you shedding past habits.

For the Ceremonies:
Men: we recommend men to not wear a top, however you may choose to use a white top.
Women: we recommend a red top in ceremonies.
These are the traditional colours worn by men and women during ceremonies in Africa.

Important Information

Medical guidelines and additional Information

Before being accepted for this retreat we will ask you to fill out a confidential intake health form which allows us to find out more about you and what you hope to achieve from the medicine.
You may not be fit to participate in our retreats if you are under any medical treatment, taking some types of medications, or suffer from any condition that needs medical attention beforehand. If you have been diagnosed with any heart condition, epilepsy, schizophrenia, multiple personalities, or bipolar disorder you should NOT participate in our Iboga ceremonies.
Everybody is fully responsible for informing the organizers about past or current drug issues, any serious physical or psychological balance disorders, or current prescription medications.

Eco Practices

We source all locally grown organic produce from local farms. Our kitchen is vegetarian and our food is nutrient rich, Our water comes forth from a spring on our mountain range and is full of minerals.

Opening Times and Prices

This retreat will run for 6 days and 5 nights on the following dates

24th to 29th June 2021
8th to 13th July 2021
19th to 24th July 2021
21st to 26th October 2021

Arrival is at 3-5pm on the first day of the retreat. We will send a vehicle to pickup all guests from San Jose on that day.

Directions and Travel

International travelers should book a flight to Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose. Travel time is 2.5hrs (130km) hours south of San Jose. We will provide an airport shuttle for guests attending this retreat.

If you prefer to self drive there is plenty of parking available at our retreat centre. A 4wd is recommended when renting a car in Costa Rica.

Retreat Features and Activities

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