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Transformational Life Coaching Retreat in Azores, Portugal

Stop for a moment, rediscover and align yourself with your life purpose.


The development of this retreat emerges from the growing need to slow down our accelerated lives, stop for a moment and reflect, align ourselves with our life purpose. This rediscovery process will help you to set a vision for a meaningful life.
What’s the cost of keeping the same purposeless life habits? What’s the cost to continue ignoring your life purpose? What’s the cost of keeping your life without a clear vision for a meaningful life? What’s the cost of all of these, for you and for those around you?
Have you already reflected about this?


The main goal of Transformational Coaching is to help to unleash each person’s potential and resources in order to promote a meaningful and fulfilled life, in a sustainable way.
Transformational Coaching focuses on deep and sustainable transformation, appealing to the client’s reflective and deepened learning, providing new directions and positive possibilities for his life. Transformational Life Coaching sessions focus in 3 different phases: awareness, clarity and choice/accountability.
In this retreat we will help you empowering awareness about life purpose, set-up a clear vision about the future, identify and overcome the potential obstacles (limiting beliefs) to achieve a meaningful life.


1 immersive week of Transformational Life Coaching in Pico Island – Azores.
A unique setting that will provide a re-encounter with nature, which will be the key to rediscover yourself.
6 days (from 08h30 a.m. until 06h30 p.m.).
Official Language of the event: English.
Note: Participants must be 18 years of age or older.


To stop and reconnect the person with the pure nature.
To rediscover life’s purpose and what can be a meaningful life;
To gain awareness about the life’s vision and its obstacles/limiting beliefs;
To identify and overcome obstacles aligning your intentions with the required actions;
To design accountability mechanisms to pursue your vision and to feel aligned with yourself and those around you.

Key Activities

Transformational life coaching group sessions (every day)
Yoga (every day)
Relaxation sessions in contact with “solidified lava flow”, in line with the swell of the sea and where the sea can be heard roaring and blowing its spray along the coastline (3 sessions).
“Introspective immersion” activities visiting a “lava tube” and walks at seaside along “solidified lava flow”.
Coordinator and Transformational Life Coach: Ana Naia
Invited collaborators with specific training, to be announced in due course.


1st Edition: 3 - 10 July 2022
3 July, 07h00 p.m.: Welcome dinner;
4 – 9 July, 08h30 a.m. - 06h30 p.m.: Transformational Life Coaching Retreat (after 06h30 p.m. – free time that can be dedicated to self-reflection or other activities);
10 July: Free day.

2nd Edition: 17- 24 July 2022
17 July, 07h00 p.m.: Welcome dinner;
18 - 23 July, 08h30 a.m. - 06h30 p.m.: Transformational Life Coaching Retreat (after 06h30 p.m. – free time that can be dedicated to self-reflection or other activities );
24 July: Free day.

Number of participants: 8

What’s included

All activities of the retreat and insurance during activities.
Accommodation with private bathroom for 7 nights, bed linen, towels, hygiene products, Wi-Fi, daily room cleaning + breakfast. Porto Velho Boutique Hostel (https://hostelportovelho.com/en/) is a fantastic accommodation recently opened, located in the center of Madalena Village, with sea and port view.
One dinner, six lunches and two coffee breaks a day. If you have special dietary requirements or any allergies, please inform us.
Exclusive use of the venue for the group. Public natural pools near the venue.
Dedicated instructors and the coordinator of the retreat always present.
1 Transformational Life Coaching follow-up session after the retreat, plus 25% discount in further sessions for 1 year.

Cancellation Policy

The reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.

The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled by the client.

The rest of the payment should be paid until 1 of June 2022.

Available options:

Private One-on-One Coaching (60 min - upon request and conditions to be agreed) - during the retreat, on free time - if you are interested in this option, you should book as soon as possible.

We also organize private or corporate Transformational Life Coaching Retreats, on dates to be agreed, upon request.

Opening Times and Prices

3 - 10 July 2022
17- 24 July 2022

Directions and Travel

Our facilities are located in Azores - Portugal, in a beautiful and relaxing spot in the middle of the nature, in the Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture – Lajido da Criação Velha – UNESCO World Heritage since 2004.

Arrival by airplane

You can consult various websites and/or travel agency for booking.
The website of the airline SATA Azores Airlines is also suggested (https://www.azoresairlines.pt/en)
Book your flight to Pico airport, the island where the event takes place.
Alternatively book your flight to Horta airport, on the island of Faial, which has daily connections by sea with the island of Pico, and whose average journey time is 30 minutes.
There are direct flights from Lisbon (Portugal) to the island of Pico (Pico airport) or Faial (Horta airport).

Retreat Features and Activities

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