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Yoga and Harmonization of the Chakras at Pine Cliffs, a Luxury Collection Resort

A transformational luxury Yoga retreat at Southern Portugal


The 7 nights Yoga & Harmonization of the Chakras retreats develop the powerful energy fields (Chakras), invisible to the eye, but whose existence is indisputable. The seven major Chakras control the seven glands of the endocrine system and these, in turn, regulate all functions of the body, including the aging process. So, in order to improve our health and our own selfknowledge, the retreats will work the balance of each Chakra through the practice of postures, breathing and several other techniques.

Eco Practices

- Pine Cliffs Resort is responsible for the recycling of all waste produced, which means we separate correctly everything before sending it to the local competent organizations;
- We only use ground water to water the golf course and gardens;
- Every year we reduce our consumption of energy, water, gas and CO2 emissions;
- In 2019 the use of plastic straws was abolished;
- We have programs of food and clothing donations to several institutions;
- We produce different fruits and vegetables in site, that are used in our restaurants and associates cafeteria;
- The waste from the golf course and gardens is used for composting;
- We are replacing all our diesel powered buggies to new electric versions;

Opening Times and Prices

The Resort is opening all year round.

Directions and Travel

Praia da Falésia, Albufeira-Portugal
30 minutes from Faro Airport (by car)
2h30 from Lisbon International Airport

Retreat Features and Activities

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