Transformational Spiritual Retreats for Living and Vibrant Harmony

Safely release long-held trauma & pain with Viviane Garbe for deep, life-changing shifts, in a safe, intimate & nurturing environment: the Living Harmony Retreat Centre

The Living Harmony Retreat Centre welcomes guests looking for safe and deep transformative processes to move forward in their lives, as well as sensitive individuals just wishing to be cosseted and away from it all, while working on their emotional/spiritual issues. The Centre has been purposely designed using Living Harmony and Feng Shui principles to provide a peaceful and nurturing environment for wellbeing and spiritual development. Guests can come on specially created all-inclusive weekend retreat programmes to help them access their true Self.

Retreat Features and Activities

BurnoutDepressionHealingHolistic HealthLong StaysMeditationNaturePersonal DevelopmentTreatments & TherapiesWalking / Hiking

Directions and Travel

Aston Stevenage is situated 35mins' drive away from both Luton and Stansted airports with direct flights from most major airports.

Stevenage is just a 20 to 30 min direct train journey from mainline London Kings cross station and a 7min taxi ride to Aston.

By car:
Despite a short 30 minute drive up the A1 from North London, Aston is situated in beautiful countryside just off the A602.

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Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair access.

Solar panels provide electricity and hot water in the summer. We recycle as much as possible and try to save water where we can.

The Living Harmony Retreat Centre is open all year for B+B or Dinner, B+B with stays possible from two nights to 2 weeks. Prices start at £60 per person per night for a shared room (£10 single supplement). Stays longer than one week qualify for a 15% reduction. Our spiritual retreat programmes run Fridays 6pm - Sundays 5pm, monthly or bi-monthly depending on the season. Midweek retreats are also possible. Book now before prices go up! Please note price changes: Price per person: £360 for retreats up to 4-6 October 2019 if booking before 30th June 2019 (£395 if booking after 30th June 2019). Reductions apply for people sharing a room. For more dates and information, please look at our website.
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