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WisdomTrees Virtual Retreats & Workshops

Are you feeling emotional, stuck, or fearful, lacking creativity or, personal power? Would you love to have self-healing techniques at your fingertips to self heal? We can help…


Our Virtual Retreats and Workshops offer self-healing tools and techniques to empower you to self-heal when you need it most and help you move to toward your true desire for your continued health and wellbeing.
These powerful self-healing techniques have their foundation in Eastern and Western psychology combined with multi-faith Spiritual, Meditative, and Shamanic traditions to create transformation, integration and healing.
The live zoom classes are recorded so if you miss one for any reason it gives you the flexibility to work around your other commitments, and watch at your convenience.
We are always there if you need any personal support (by email or zoom) for the duration of the course.

Chakra Healing Workshop

Awaken your Hidden Healing Power!

Take time out for 7, 1 hour chakra healing classes where:

You will learn how your Karmic imprints in each chakra are affecting your life in the here and now
How Chakra Meditation can help bring balance to your karma, feelings and emotions
Understand the psychology that accompanies each Chakra
Awaken the 7 Hidden Healing Powers to purify and transform blocked energy
Learn and use the Mantras that belongs to each of the 7 Chakras
Deepen your self-awareness and improve your ability to self-heal

Please check our website for the next workshop dates.

Chakra Healing Workshop

Shamanic Healing

Cleanse & Protect Retreat At Home

We pick up energy like a magnet; good and bad vibrations affect us. Set yourself free and reclaim your personal power and experience better health through better energy flow!

In this workshop you will learn:

Simple chi-kung practice to activate and open your energy sensing channels to promote better energy circulation and energetic exchange with the external world
Shamanic Egg, Plant and Smoke Cleanse techniques to remove negative energy
To Cleanse, Purify and Protect using Salt Water, Crystals, Symbols, Plants and Herbs
Shamanic self-healing technique to re-claim your personal energy from past relationships

Please check our website for the next workshop dates...

Shamanic Healing

Body Mind Spirit Healing

Personal Counselling Session with Sindy Taylor

Are you looking to break your patterns and limiting belief system?
Sindy Taylor, founder of WisdomTrees offers Insightful Support and Tools to help you to “Face your Fears and Do it Anyway!”
In a session with Sindy you will:
Recognize your strong and weak points and ways that you self-sabotage
Free trapped emotional memory; recover lost or hidden parts from past trauma, make the unconscious content conscious to integrate and heal the whole experience
Awaken your creative and dormant potential, guiding you towards your true self and true desire
Adopt simple self-healing techniques to maintain your own health and well-being
Learn to Cleanse and Protect yourself and your space from negative energy in daily life to promote better health through better energy flow

Body Mind Spirit Healing


"After last night’s class I had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. Didn’t wake up until 6 am. I am one grateful student. Thank You."
- Ursula

"I really appreciated taking the time to pay attention and understand the importance of working with my chakras. Sindy is such a great teacher on the subject and I have definitely taken away many tools and techniques to use in my own practice."
- Kylie Crilley


About Sindy Taylor

Body Mind Healing Practitioner

Sindy is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Certified Body Mind Practitioner, which has its foundation in Eastern and Western psychology combined with multi-faith Spiritual, Meditative, and Shamanic traditions to create transformation, integration and healing.

Her practice is grounded in compassion, strong counselling principles and an expanded vision for her clients. Sindy’s astute observation, creativity and ability to connect with people quickly helps create a safe environment as a foundation of trust for healing and growth. She calls upon intuitive insights and proven methodology to offer effective counselling services.

Sindy has contagious positive energy and is passionate about helping people reclaim their full potential and to be in their true nature.

About Sindy Taylor

WisdomTrees Products

Sacred Energy Sprays and Oils

We pick up energy like a magnet; good & bad vibrations affect us. Some of the ways in which we accumulate negative energy are:
Negative/Repressed emotions: hate, anger, envy etc.
Being around negative people who suck or diminish our energy
Negative places, bars, hospital's, public transport and other polluted environments
Having intimate relationship with someone with dark or heavy energy

WisdomTrees Intentional Living products are formulated with powerful essential oils which help eliminate negative energy and make a positive impact in peoples lives

Who Should Use – Anyone desiring a lighter, brighter vibe. Those dealing with challenging situations, feeling lost, fearful, discontent, attached or anxious. Travellers’ who wish to give their hotel room a fresh start!

WisdomTrees Products

Opening Times and Prices

We are located in Vancouver, BC Canada
Open daily from 10am - 4pm PST
Our WisdomTrees Intentional Living Products on-line store is open 24hours daily

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