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Yogananda (Pyrenees) Healing/Yoga and Relaxation/Pure Meditation Retreats

Unique retreats and getaways for individuals, couples or small groups booking together in beautiful centre, with specialized support if you wish, or DIY.


Need to get away to a peaceful, healing environment in nature? Looking to rebalance and relax so that you get some perspective? Problem solved! We have all that you need to heal and get whole again. Only one retreat at a time, lovingly prepared accommodation at Loustalot, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Pau 10 minutes (see website for link) PLUS optional sessions (through Yogananda, a non-profit) to suit your needs and budget: Hatha Yoga and Relaxation, Pure Spiritual Healing, and Meditation training for beginners and those who wish to go deeper... we can look at what's best for you together. Organic, home-cooked meals brought to you or self-catering, all is flexible and unique because you are unique. Do check out the website. With love to you, Jacqueline and Anthony.


The retreat accommodation in the Barn is all on one floor (it is built into the hillside so whilst its seems to be on the first floor, access is direct from the garden. If mobility is limited then sessions can take place in your accommodation so that you don't have to move about. However, we are in the foothills of the Pyrenees so the terrain is sloping and unsuitable for wheelchairs.

Eco Practices

We do all that we can to respect the beautiful natural environment which we are in. The Dharma Room (yoga/meditation studio) has water partially heated by solar panels as well as a compost toilet. Loustalot has over three hectares of organic land including woodland and stream for you to enjoy.

Opening Times and Prices

We are open all year. For an individual on retreat prices start at 69€ a night for the retreat apartment. Costs then vary according to the options and the number of people. You may chose to cater for yourself or to have some or all meals (organic, vegetarian or vegan at just 12€). Retreats can be booked for one or two people, or a group of up to 4/5 if booking together. If you are on a tighter budget we may have alternative accommodation available at some times.
Prices for sessions are on the website but as a guide, yoga sessions are 31€, healing 39€ and a full starter meditation 50€; as Yogananda Association is a non-profit organisation we are able to offer exceptional value for the quality of teaching and experience.
Email or call Jacqueline or Anthony - we're happy to help!

Directions and Travel

TGV train from Paris to Pau (we can pick up/drop off at station).
Easy drive from Toulouse or Bordeaux, parking available.
Direct flights to Lourdes or to Biarritz from London Stansted (Ryanair) or to Toulouse or Bordeaux from Gatwick (Easyjet) all year round. Flights to Biarritz with Easyjet from Gatwick at certain times and some good deals with Ryanair from Edinburgh to Bordeaux. Regular direct flights from Bristol or London Gatwick to Bordeaux or Toulouse.
Pick-up and drop-off to Lourdes or Biarritz airports can be arranged.
Ferry options also possible to Santander or Bilbao as we are not far from the Spanish border.
Do call us for help and advice.

Retreat Features and Activities

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