10 Tips

We all have ” I don’t where it start moments.” in any business. But what happens when the moments turn into days and the days into weeks and before you know it you review you year with frustration and failure as tasks are incomplete and¬†developmental projects undone.

Retreat managers still need to remain calm and centred as people coming through their doors for healing and rejuvenation also have projects undone and information overload.

Because this is a common problem for retreat and spa mangers we will be addressing this issue and offer effective solutions during The Retreat Company Summit in November http://bit.ly/Kj4s1X

The Retreat /Spa Managers Summit February 2013 Buckland Hall, Wales, UK

Ten tips to see you through until then.

1. Spend 15 mins everyday prioritize your to do list.

This may sound obvious but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to non-urgent tasks take up your day.

2. Carry a timer around with you for 3 days

Note down every task, meeting, appointment, treatment etc you have done. Write down the time to takes you to do the tasks. Don’t forget to include paperwork you take home at night.

Rather like calorie counting this will be an eye opener as to where you are spending your valuable hours

3. List 3 things that are really import to the development of your business each day

4. List 10 tasks that you are important to achieve for the week.

5. After 3 days access your timetable and see what time wasters can be delegated to others What tasks are unnecessary and can be dropped altogether.

6. Set new time allocations for your new priority list. We get so much more admin jobs done when we are being timed.

7. When are you at your best? Give this time of day to your best projects. The work you were born to do.

All too often we check emails, text message relies and quires and before you know it half your morning has gone and you already feel frazzled. Can these tasks wait until the afternoon or some of them. Fragmented time tables and non-productive days are energy drainers

8. Cut down the number of drop in visitors. You time is money. Your time is focused. You don’t need to accommodate all visitors. Learn to say no to non-essentials.

9. Spend most of your day on tasks and procedures that you are the expert in and that have a long term focus. Ask yourself and the end of each week. What have I achieved this week. Were there any roadblocks/ obstacles? What insights have I gained from this past week and how can I stay focused.

10 Attend the Retreat Mangers Summit in Wales in February 2013.Solutions, time saving methods, outsourcing work, templates and a demo on how to get more done in less time. Plus much much more from top world class speakers on how to run an efficient retreat while building a very successful future. The will be time to relax, have treatments, delicious food and network with other retreat managers. Full details and booking can be found here: https://www.theretreatcompany.com/advertise/retreatownersretreat