Half Price Packages – Limited Time Offer

During this period of lock down we regularly remind our members of how important it is to keep their retreats out there and encourage them to keep their information fully optimised and refreshed.

People still need to look forward to, and plan going on a retreat.

We know cash flow for most is tight during lock down, which is why for a limited time we are offering half price listings on annual packages and event bundles.

Plus extra time: if you purchase an annual package now at half price your annual start date will not start until 31 July 2020.

This offer is available on the following packages:

Annual Packages: Basic and Premium
Premium + Event Bundles: Premium+5, Premium+10, Premium+25, Premium+50
Event Packages: 5 Events, 10 Events, 25 Events and 50 Events

To activate the discount, use the code when you checkout: lockdown50 

You can compare the current packages here: 2020 Advertising Packages  

All Event packages can be found here: Event Packages and all Annual packages and Bundles here: Basic, Premium, Bundles 

Remember you can always get in touch with our Promotions Team to discuss the best options for you and your retreats.