Making the Most of Your Constant Retreats from Reality

The Benefits of Retreating Regularly

The Benefits of Retreating Regularly… To retreat would mean to get away from the place and people that we have grown too accustomed with and in. For those who know too little about the real essence of retreats, they might see this as an idea of defeat since you seem to run away from everything. […]

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Yoga Mudras – All you need to know

Yoga Mudras – All you need to know. Bought to you by Yoga Breaks in Spain

Most people’s experience of yoga centres primarily on various yoga postures that stretches and strengthens their body. But yoga has a deeper, more spiritual side that includes practices such as Yoga Tatva Mudra Vigyan – otherwise known as mudras. What is a Mudra? From Sanskrit, the word mudra can be translated as “seal” or “gesture”. […]

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Discover the Power of Breathing

Just 10 minutes a day can help you Become Happier Boost Mental Skills Eliminate Tension Sleep Better Spiritual Breakthroughs It’s no secret that breathing sustains human life. But what if you could supercharge your brain, tap into greater well-being and happiness, release stress, instantly improve FOCUS and more… just by learning a new way to […]

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