People and our clients often ask us a follow up question to  “What business are we in” and that is, “what are our core values?” Even though we have always know them at heart we have not accurately articulated them until today. So it is with pleasure we add them to our blog to glance at.

Core Values of The Retreat Company that govern our work.

 We are more than just an advert…we believe our focus is to help retreat business owners succeed in growing their retreats.

We believe that retreat business owners provide a vital part in the well being of our global society.

We believe that owning or running a retreat business should be rewarding, joyful, journey, not a struggle.

We believe that most small to medium retreat business owners are working too hard for too little.

 We believe that when we help by offering services to retreat business’s, it not only has an impact on the business founder, but their families, their customers, their employees and their own lifestyle.

 We believe that we should offer the best services that will generate a more certain, more profitable, more sustaining future for our clients- the retreat owners.  Who offer sanctuary, a safe haven, a learning space for all their customers.