What Our Clients Say


The Retreat Company website has helped my retreat gain more customers and is a good source of publicity. Credit where credit is due.
In these very difficult times for individuals and companies alike, its really difficult to know how best to get the message across to both customers and potential purchasers of my business. I am currently running 2 adverts with The Retreat Company, and I get a steady stream of serious enquiries from both. The pricing structure is great and really helps me with an upfront one off cost. In the last 12 months I have received over 20 times as many sales enquiries from this site than I have from a full blown business sales / estate agent. I can personlly vouch for the friendly service and helpful manner of all of the staff there who have helped me and encouraged me through the last year.
You must check this out…The Retreat Company it provides a global resource and a unique set of retreat services; the best I have ever seen. This is where time-strapped individuals can safely and confidently invest in a positive lifestyle change and take back control of your future; remember life is not a practice run. Do it right … Do it NOW
I have been advertising my retreat cottage in Brittany on the Retreat Company website for over a year now, and cannot recommend them highly enough. I have had a delightful mix of visitors from all over the world, all of whom have been extremely happy with what they found here. As I was someone with no computer or website experience, their help and guidance (not to mention patience!), has been invaluable, and their service always with a smile. My thanks and blessings to Jo, Lou and the rest of the team.
I started my retreat holiday company in 2010 and since then have been using a number of different types of advertising. As of this year, the only regular advertising that I am doing is with The Retreat Company. I get great quality enquiries and the site is marvellously straightforward to use, both as an advertiser and as a prospective guest.
I decided middle of last year to run a small scale retreat business from home. After designing my website I was unsure what to do next and how to get noticed online. I then found The Retreat Company. I have not looked back. I receive regular enquiries from people who found me courtesy of The Retreat Company and to date many of these have become customers. I feel supported and not alone plus their website us so easy to navigate. Any problems/hitches are quickly resolved. Good clear timely communications which is so refreshing keeping stress levels down. I consider myself fortunate to have found the Retreat Company and would not have a successful business without them. Thank you x