What relaxes you?In these busy times, taking time out to really relax and allow our mind body and soul to rejuvenate can take some effort!

Getting into habits that serve us rather than getting swept along with life can take conscious focus to achieve this and even more to stay in that habit.

Yet, how many times have we found that when we follow through on the things we know would benefit us to relax and rejuvenate, we make a new resolution to do this often to feel the rewards?

Maintaining our well-being is a gift not only to ourselves but also to others around us who benefit from us projecting our best self into their world at any given point.

Positive energy spreads and breeds more positivity!

Suppose you chose 3 things to incorporate into your week to enhance your well-being, what would they be?

Perhaps meditation for your soul, exercise for your body, positive focus for your mind?

How about this exercise to encompass all three if any of the above seems a bit challenging at any time……

Relax the little muscles on top of your head and feel the relaxation flowing down your body, your arms and legs, to your fingers and toes, as slowly as possible, letting your whole body let go and relax.

Then imagine a beautiful, powerful, healing white light coming into your toes, slowly filling each and every bone, muscle, tissue, piece of skin….restoring, rejuvenating, re-energising and revitalising every single cell…. Into your ankles and gradually all up your legs and body and into your shoulders, down your arms and up into your neck and head so that all of you is filled with this healing, restoring, rejuvenating, re-energising, revitalising powerful white light. Let each cell feel renewed and healthy, your mind clear, your body rejuvenated, your soul at peace….

Come back to your room and time and space, bring all this good feeling with you. You can spend 5 minutes, 15 minutes or even an hour doing this and feel the benefit, any time you wish.

It may take a little practise to really get connected with all the good feeling this can bring – yet as we know, practise makes perfect and if we really want to do something we do it. And it’s very pleasant to do….

How often could you do this in your week to boost your well-being?

These Relaxation Tips are from Demi Schneider who runs retreats in Devon, UK. Find out more about Demi’s retreats