About the Retreat Company

The Retreat Company is one of the world’s longest running retreat portals. We have been active since 1996 providing retreats and helping and support the retreat industry as a whole.

When you are looking for healthy holiday, a rest, somewhere to recuperate, a bolt hole or transformation vacations, our online retreats directory delivers a range of retreats and topics to choose from.

Retreat Organisers

The Retreat Company is an authentic business. The uniqueness of our service spans everything from advertising in our website to promote your retreats, to coaching and mentoring retreat owners, workshop leaders, coaches and consultants.

The people we work with are those who already create and offer retreats, and also those who are thinking about offering retreats in the future.

We offer retreat business support to include marketing services, retreat business start-ups programmes and continued mentoring for retreat business owners, wellbeing workshops leaders and spa/retreat centre managers.

We believe that retreat business owners provide vital services to our global wellbeing and that running retreats should be rewarding, profitable and a journey, not a struggle.

Our Purpose

Nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease… so why don’t we?

We have become out of touch with our true essence, of who we really are.

In the world where we have vast evolution of technology that is upgraded moment by moment. Plus the demands made on us, by ourselves, and the outside world ‘not enough hours in the day’ concepts are spiralling out of control. Stress, crisis management and burnout are commonplace.

The Retreat Company’s mission is to be a reminder that we are human beings not human doings. It is so important for there to be work/life balance for every individual and the planet as a whole by taking time out to relax, review and renew, regularly.

With fast life demands and world unrest it is even more important to keep a personal balance within.
To have world peace we need to start by being at peace with ourselves.

The Retreat Company is a one-stop resource for all those seeking to take a retreat in some form or other; whether it is within your own home or anywhere in UK or overseas. It could be just to rest or recuperate or to review and reflect on your life. It could be for 30 minutes or 30 days.

Browse the web or contact our offices for non – bias advice or support from our caring friendly staff.