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New Hermopolis - Retreat for Sale

Eco-village-Minia-Middle Egypt (320KM from cairo). It is an integrated model of development combining eco-tourism, desert agriculture, and rural education in arts


New Hermopolis is a cultural/spiritual/ and social enterprise inspired by the philosophy of its ancient counterpart with its emphasis on harmonious living and the power of art to transform man and society.
It is built on private land (10 acres) and consists of an organic farm (5 acres of olive groves) and an Eco-lodge of 16 studios with a capacity of 40/52 guests, surrounding our unique blue lotus pond. The accommodation area of the Retreat is served by a Lounging area / Reading Corner, Banquet room, Library & Seminar Room, Swimming Pool, and several outdoor areas. There are as well plans for a Wellness Centre on the remaining undeveloped land (3 acres). It is offered for sale on leasehold basis.

Directions and Travel

New Hermopolis lies 320 KM from Cairo in Minia Governorate & 20 KM from the town of Mallawi. Travel from Cairo via the western desert road direction Asyut and take exit to Mallawi, we are approximately 15 minutes drive from this exit.
Travel by train from Cairo to Mallawi followed by Taxi drive to Tuna El-Gebel. New Hermopolis lies within 3 KM from the village of Tuna El-Gebel and almost walking distance from Tuna El-Gebel antiquities. It is a private land that lies between village and desert landscape and is central to all the antiquities of this region, including the famous site of Akhenaten City (El Amarna) and the beautiful middle Kingdom Tombs at Bani Hassan, all are on tourists itineraries.

Retreat Features and Activities

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