6 Ways to Enjoy Mindfulness This Summer

Guest Author: Aisha Ahmada Summer’s finally arrived and you may have lots of plans. But don’t forget it’s the simple mindful moments that add up to leave you feeling revitalised.   Here are some of my top tips to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life these holidays and beyond: Visiting The Beach? As you walk […]

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Conscious Crafting – weekend retreats to explore your creativity and mindfulness

Conscious Crafting - Creative Retreats

Guest Blog by Karen Luckhurst In the last couple of decades, science has been corroborating what Zen masters have known for years; that regular meditation helps people cope with stress, illness and chronic pain as well as promoting wellbeing and a host of other benefits. In fact, regular meditation practice is associated with improvements in […]

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Making the Most of Your Constant Retreats from Reality

The Benefits of Retreating Regularly

The Benefits of Retreating Regularly… To retreat would mean to get away from the place and people that we have grown too accustomed with and in. For those who know too little about the real essence of retreats, they might see this as an idea of defeat since you seem to run away from everything. […]

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What relaxes you?

Relaxation Tips - What relaxes you?

In these busy times, taking time out to really relax and allow our mind body and soul to rejuvenate can take some effort! Getting into habits that serve us rather than getting swept along with life can take conscious focus to achieve this and even more to stay in that habit. Yet, how many times […]

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Your To Do List

How much of your ‘to do’ list do you need to get done before you allow yourself time to breathe – notice the nature around you – notice a special moment with a loved one; their expression, engagement in something, their being – ‘be’ with yourself….. Time is the most precious resource we have because […]

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Whats your best Retreat Read?

We want to create a top ten book list to post on our retreat pages. Can you nomate any  book in the following caterogies? 1)Inspirational 2)Self Development 3)Self Help 4)A wind down read. A book to just be with and enjoy 5)Thought provoking 6)Green and Eco 7)New for you. A topic, type, author, catergory of […]

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Pilates Retreat in Sunny Cape Town, South Africa

10 days of challenging Pilates, workshops, outdoor activities, local culture & hospitality in an absolutely stunning location Practice Pilates in stunningly beautiful Cape Town South Africa. We have chosen the award winning Lalapanzi Lodge as our venue of choice. With gorgeous views across the Cape and hidden in 600 acres of forest and fynbos this […]

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