So what is a retreat exactly? Whilst they are often associated with detoxing, taking a step back and having some time for yourself, it’s important to know that there is more to retreats than ‘having a break’ or using them as a ‘holiday’. Many forget that there are options which encourage you to work on your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing in order to be a better version of yourself. They can also allow you to set some time aside to recover and reform, which is how we like to view our offering here at The Retreat Company

what is a retreat

It’s important to note that a spa is always going to be a retreat but a retreat isn’t always a spa. Whilst spa breaks could be considered the most popular choice, there are a whole host of options out there which cater towards all types of needs. Whether you are looking for a health-focused break, a trip to help you recuperate, a place where you can shut off from all things digital or a transformational journey, The Retreat Company has something for everyone across the world.

Why Go On A Retreat?

Now you know what a retreat is, let’s discuss why you need to go on one.

Retreats can help you get away from your typical daily life, where you may be encountering struggles at work, home, within your family or internally. The purpose of embarking on this journey would be to address your emotional, physical and mental state and overcome any challenges you are facing so you can live a more wholesome, healthier and stress-free lifestyle. 

Finding The Right Retreat For You

As the Coronavirus outbreak affects us all physically, it’s important to address the mental and emotional impact. Although the rules have been relaxed and not everything is open yet, it’s a good time to begin to think about how you can calm any anxiety or emotion. If you do not feel comfortable leaving the house and returning to normality immediately, our online and virtual retreats can offer the same amount of benefits as our other choices.

If you have been looking to improve your health and wellbeing but your busy lifestyle has not given you the opportunity, look no further than our health and wellness retreats. These offer expert advice and share techniques that will benefit your health and wellbeing journey, not only for the short term but also the long term. 

Similarly, our yoga retreats offer beginners or experienced yogis with programmes to cleanse your mind, body and soul. These can aid to heal those suffering from anxiety as well as depression. 

what is a retreat?

If you are looking for an experience which offers holistic therapies or luxurious treatments, our spa retreats allow you to experience tranquillity and indulgence at all-inclusive resorts in the UK, Europe, Asia and several other locations across the globe. 

Our spiritual retreats help you find your spiritual path through guided courses and workshops or through nature and creative art therapies. For those looking to address specific spiritual challenges, this could be ideal for you. There are a variety of itineraries available in the UK, mainland Europe as well as beyond in Asia and South America.

With digital technologies taking over most of our day-to-day lives, a digital detox may just be the cure to any tension that has built up. Or perhaps you are looking to cleanse your body from an addiction? Our detox retreats provide a solution to several aspects of busy lifestyles and offer a one-stop cure. Likewise, our mindfulness retreats are the perfect time-out for those looking to practice the ability to be fully present in the moment. This could include walking, tai chi or meditation, techniques which may be able to aid those seeking mindfulness.

what is a retreat?

If you wish to be ‘at one with nature’ our nature retreats provide the perfect locations and backdrops across the world. Discover the healing power of nature through staying in an eco-cabin, glamping or in the middle of natural woodland. If you are set on a trip in a rural setting, our rural hideaway retreats are the way forward.

Whether you are seeking to grow within your career, yourself as a person or within a relationship, our grow retreats apply to several situations and could be the ideal opportunity for you to experience growth. Personal growth can also be called self-improvement or self-growth and can allow you to explore outside of your comfort zone and take the right steps towards your end goal.

what is a retreat?

Are you more free-spirited and prefer being spontaneous? Allow us to introduce you to our no agenda retreats. Pick and choose how you wish to spend your day and time at our flexible locations and centres. This approach can allow you to address areas and thoughts that come to mind during your stay. 

How Can The Retreat Company Help You?

With hundreds of retreats on offer which cater towards all experiences, we can help you overcome any struggles you are facing emotionally, physically and spiritually. During a pandemic, we understand that not everyone will be able to go and book a physical retreat, which is why we offer online solutions. We also recommend practising wellbeing and spirituality by dedicating a space or room in your home for rest, recuperation and relaxation.

We are currently facing unprecedented times where it isn’t possible to travel, but this is only temporary! Why not use this time to plan your next trip when we are able to travel again? We are a one-stop resource and our range of mindfulness retreats provide all you need to take some time out of your busy lifestyle. Or perhaps you know someone who will greatly benefit from a life-changing experience? We offer gift vouchers so you can treat a loved one to a special gift that they will always remember.

For access to extra tips and advice from our yoga, meditation and wellness specialists, contact us today or give us a call on +44 (0)116 259 9211.