Lynda Brown, Founder of Menogo Retreats
Guest Authour: Lynda Brown, Founder of Menogo Retreats (aged 50), a specialist wellness and life coach for perimenopausal and beyond females, NLP and EFT practitioner.

I want to announce the launch of a new retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit & Menopause which aims to help women thrive, not just survive, during their perimenopausal years.

We like to think of our retreat as a 101 in wellbeing and menopause know-how, where our guests have the opportunity to experience ways of living and daily practices that support mind, body and spirit. Small lifestyle changes and enhanced knowledge can make the world of difference to how women move through perimenopause and beyond. Our goal is to help women see these years as a positive and rewarding phase and to help them plan for a brighter future that is more aligned to who they are today.

Grounded in healthy living and hormone-balancing practises, the retreat programme, which is to be held in Andalucía, Spain, is designed to help women master their menopause, experience the joys of rediscovering themselves and find purpose and meaning to make their next years, their best.
Addressing all aspects of change that a woman may experience in her 40’s and early 50’s – from the physical symptoms, including hot flushes and weight gain, to the more mentally challenging mood swings and impacts of ageing, to navigating life’s experiences such as empty-nesting, relationships, divorce, career options and even their sex lives.

Meet the team

Menogo Retreat is run by an all-female team of women’s wellbeing professionals from Bournemouth,
Joining me at the retreat are Angie MacDougall and Nas Amir-Ahmadi.

Angie (aged 52) is the retreat’s women’s wellness and fitness expert. Each day, Angie will guide, encourage and motivate retreat-goers to get the most out of their morning workouts and evening relaxation, stretch, meditation or Pilates sessions.
Angie will also share the benefits of exercise for perimenopausal women and what the best types of exercise are for this stage in a woman’s life along with how exercise can help manage, or even alleviate menopausal symptoms, including how to lose belly fat.

Nas Amir-Ahmadi (aged 50) is an experienced chef and food expert. For the last 14 years, Nas has been helping people change their diets for the better. At the retreat she will prepare all the meals, share her knowledge of how to balance hormones with the right foods and inspire guests to continue to be creative in their own kitchens long after they have left the retreat.

Any my role? I will be your host and life coach and will lead the daily group coaching sessions that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love to create an action plan of your own. I will also be your coach for the pre and post retreat 121 Skype coaching sessions and co=deliver the Menopause Mastery workshops with Angie and Nas.

The Menogo Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit and Menopause runs from 16-22 September, 2018 near Almodovar del Rio, Spain. Prices* start from £1,995 for shared twin accommodation and includes pre and post-retreat one-to-one coaching, on-retreat group coaching, all food, daily activity and fitness sessions, menopause mastery workshops, evening Pilates, mindfulness or meditation sessions and 6 nights’ accommodation in the contemporary apartments of Casas de Alisne, each with their own breath-taking views of the surrounding natural beauty.

Flights are not included in the price, but are available with a number of low-coast airlines from most regional airports.

Spaces booked before 15 August will benefit from a £100 early bird saving.

For more information about the Menogo Retreat for Mind, Body, Spirit and Menopause visit or call 0333 121 0456.