Meditation is the art of connecting one’s self to their mind, body and surroundings to encourage relaxation and spiritual healing. With the current state of affairs and people confined to the limits of their homes during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important, now more than ever, to promote and strengthen your mental wellness by using a meditation room. 

Creating a space of peace and tranquillity is essential for any home to ensure that the stresses of the day can be taken off your shoulders. A meditation space can provide the perfect opportunity to recharge both your mind and body and help to restore a sense of balance within yourself.

To help you achieve your best self during this period of lockdown, the team at The Retreat Company have compiled a list of top tips for encouraging meditation at home and to create the perfect zen meditation room. 

Nature And The Outdoors

Whilst it would be ideal to practice outdoors, it is not always possible for those who live in busy, traffic-filled, urban areas or those who do not have access to an outdoor space. One way to combat this is to bring the outdoors indoors with a few earthy touches to your meditation room, creating a natural balance within your home. Adding a plant or two to your meditation space helps to improve the air quality and connects you to nature. Incorporating natural elements, such as jars, vases or bowls filled with sand and shells can also encourage a calming and peaceful environment whilst you practice.  

Fresh Air 

Ventilation of the air within your meditation room is important to help cleanse the space and expel any negative energy. Fresh air is also beneficial for your health. Not only does it encourage a deeper connection with your surroundings, but it also helps to refocus the mind and gives your brain a little boost of energy. 

If your meditation space does not have any windows or circulation, then one way to improve the quality of your air without interfering with your chi is to implement an air purifier.   

Background Noise 

The only problem with opening your doors or windows to invite in the fresh air is that offensive background noise that usually comes with it, which can be distracting. 

To drown out these noises and bring a calming atmosphere to your space, consider introducing a water fountain. The sound of trickling water or waves mimics the sound of the natural world, which can help to focus your energy and once again connect you with nature. 

 Another way to combat this is to play meditation music, allowing you to enter a peaceful state whilst meditating. Choosing the right music is important for your practice. It is recommended to play music without lyrics so that you can focus on your energy rather than the song. 

This does not mean that you have to play classical music! Sounds, such as tweeting birds, the pitter-patter of rainfall, the wind whistling through the trees or waves crashing on the beach can bring about a soothing atmosphere. 

Lighting Is Key

Lighting is incredibly important when creating a meditation space. It can really help to brighten your mood and help you focus. Think about what lighting is best for you and your energy whilst meditating. 

If you prefer darker, dim light, then consider adding sheer curtains to help soften the brightness of natural light. You may also opt for lighting candles to encourage a peaceful ambience. If you’re one for basking in the sunshine, then refrain from using harsh artificial lighting and opt for a room with big windows that face the sun at the time of day you plan to practice. 

If you’re struggling to find a room that fits your requirements, then contemplate creating an outdoor meditative space. 

Elevate Your Space With Natural Scents

The brain connects scent with memory and enhances your experiences. Whether you burn an organic beeswax or soy candle, heat essential oils from plants or burn incense, using natural scents help to soothe your soul and encourage your body to relax. This is also known as aromatherapy.

Introducing scent as part of your meditation ritual is a beneficial step which will help prepare your mind for the session, reinforce your meditative state and make it easier for you to wind down during future practice. Your body will become accustomed to the scent and associate it with your meditation practice.

Natural scents have also been found to have a healing effect on the body, reducing or eliminating stress, boosting your immune system and in some cases relieving muscular pain. 

Choose Calming Colours, Fabrics And Textures

In order to achieve the right ambience for your meditation room, you can either paint or incorporate colours that reinforce the mood you’re looking to bring about. Colour affects your mood, so be sure to choose a palette that stimulates positive, secure and calming energy within you. 

Using earthy tones, textures and natural fabrics to furnish your space will encourage a sense of comfort and relaxation, creating a zen atmosphere.

Remove Clutter

To promote a clear and focused mind, your space should be open, clean and uncluttered. Minimising the number of distractions in your meditation room will help the removal of stressful or intrusive thoughts, allowing you to centre yourself and focus on your energy.  

Keep the number of elements in your room to a minimum and only incorporate the essentials, such as a yoga mat and a small table. To bring you extra comfort and prevent the space from looking bare and barren, add a few throws, cushions and natural furnishings. 

Remove Technology

Aside from the device that plays your meditation music, which should be set to ‘do not disturb’ mode, remove all interruptions and electronic devices from your meditation space. These will only distract you from what you are trying to achieve and will affect your overall mood if you cannot relax. 

How The Retreat Company Can Help You With Your Meditation Room

At The Retreat Company, we understand how important it is to take time in your day to destress and focus on improving your mental wellness, especially in these unprecedented times.

For access to extra tips and advice from our yoga, meditation and wellness specialists, contact us today or give us a call on +44 (0)116 259 9211.

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