The Simplicity Project – How To Do Less. Better

How to do 2017 with more simplicity, ease and grace How about if 2017 WASN’T all about setting huge targets, mapping out your goals and then deciding to work your butt off, organising accountability partners to keep you on track and being determined to ‘really step it up this year’? What if we told you […]

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AdventureYogi – A 10 Year Retreat Success

AdventureYogi are coming up to their 10 year anniversary in 2017, and are the leaders in providing quality yoga retreats with exceptional venues, experienced teachers and talented chefs. The retreats excel at offering yoga with an extra adventure, such as hiking, skiing, surfing, cycling, climbing, and also providing some much needed relaxation. Their UK retreats […]

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Conscious Crafting – weekend retreats to explore your creativity and mindfulness

Conscious Crafting - Creative Retreats

Guest Blog by Karen Luckhurst In the last couple of decades, science has been corroborating what Zen masters have known for years; that regular meditation helps people cope with stress, illness and chronic pain as well as promoting wellbeing and a host of other benefits. In fact, regular meditation practice is associated with improvements in […]

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